19 January 2015

Impossible Questions?

"Answering Bugliosi's Unanswerable Questions

In his book "The Divinity of Doubt," former prosecutor Vincent Bugliosi argues that agnosticism is the only sensible position to hold. But the book never gets to the heart of the Christian message. Instead, Bugliosi trots out the usual challenges to faith, mocking believers along the way with taunts about how his questions have never been, and cannot be, answered. Here's a sampling of his "can't be answered" questions: At the very beginning of the book, Bugliosi claims that theists have not a single fact to support their position. "By fact I mean a truth known by…" 

Are there really unanswerable questions that "prove" God cannot exist?

True Christianity is based on faith. This faith is a REASONABLE faith, not blind faith.

Most atheists that I have dealt with demand proof that has no possibility of doubt. They accept only what their senses "know". Eyewitnessed events are not accepted except from themselves and even then it might not be accepted.

Al Serrato provides the answer. A very good read!

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