01 January 2015

Sacrifices in the Millennium

A question was asked of Dr. Tony Garland regarding the need for sacrifices in the Millennium. Below is a chart of the differences between the Sacrifices that Moses was told to do and the sacrifices in the Millennium. The main thrust of the question if Jesus was the "accepted sacrifice", why is there a need for sacrifices in the Millennium? See Ezekiel 43 and 45.

First Temple (Solomon)Second Temple (Ezra/Nehemiah)Third Temple (Restoration)
No GentilesNo Shekinah GloryGentiles and Shekinah Glory
Distinctive ShapeDistinctive ShapeNew Shape and Dimensions


Mosaic Sacrifice (Exodus 29:1-37)Millennial Sacrifice (Ezekiel 43:18-27)
Altar anointedNo anointed
Bullock sin offering for 7 daysOnly on the first day
No goat offeringGoat offerings the last six days
Blood applied to horns of altar onlyApplied on horns, corners, and lower molding
Burnt Offering: Ram offering every dayBullock and Ram every day
Ram offered for priest's consecrationNone
Ark of the CovenantNone (Jeremiah 3:16)
Only High Priest enters Holy of HoliesAll priests may enter (Ezekiel 44:15-16)
Specific marriage rules for the High Priest onlyThe rules apply to all the priests (Ezekiel 44:22)
The first of Nisan was not a special dayIs a special day (Ezekiel 45:18)
In the Ezekiel 45:19 a male goat & outside campA bullock & inside camp
Passover with head of family doing ritualPrince performs ritual (Ezekiel 45:21-24)
Passover lasted one daySeven days
Passover animal is unblemished lambBullock
Number of sacrifices differentSee Numbers 28:16-24
Amount of meal offering is different
Number of offerings in the Feast of Tabernacles (Numbers 29:12-34)See Ezekiel 45:25)
Feast of Tabernacles lasted 8 days(Numbers 29:35-38)7 days
Sabbath Offerings: 2 lambs and 1 ram(Numbers 28:9) The meal offering is different, too.6 lambs and 1 ram (Ezekiel 46:4-5)
New Moon Offering: 2 bulls, 1 rams, 7 lambs1 bull, 1 ram, 6 lambs (Ezekiel 46:6-7)
Daily Offering: 2 lambs twice a day(Numbers 28:3-4)1 lamb each morning and none in the evening(Ezekiel 46:13-15)
Daily Meal Offering 1/10th ephah flour, 1/4th oil(Exodus 29:40 & Numbers 28:5)1/6th ephah fine flour and 1/3rd hin of oil(Ezekiel 46:13-15)
Feast of Tabernacles required only for JewsRequired for Jew and Gentile(Zechariah 14:16-21)
Only those of Levi could be priestsBoth Jews and Gentiles (Isaiah 66:18-21)


Again the full link is Sacrifices in the Millennial Kingdom.

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