21 April 2015

Review of Ashampoo SoftMaker Professional 2016


This is a review of Ashampoo's new office SoftMaker Professional Office 2016. Ashampoo
is a well-known software developer based in Germany. I have used and continue to use some of their software. I never have had issues with poor installs or uninstalls and generally like their software.

I was allowed to try the beta version of this software, for which I'm grateful.


  1. No problems. It installed easily without any warnings or difficulties.

  2. I unchecked all languages except for US English. There were many languages represented, so most people will find either their own language or one they can work with.

  3. The proofing tools are similar. I choose just US English and Greek.


  1. TextMaker

    1. odt

      1. There is an accurate preview.

      2. The document opens correctly.

    2. rtf—no issues

    3. docx/doc—no issues whatsoever. Both opened correctly even those with complex formatting as different fonts, different font colors, spacing, indentations, tabs, outlines, inline links, bullets, tables, columns, and tables.

    4. htm/html—again no issues. I was able to open all that I tried with correct formatting.

    5. "Recover text from any file" is interesting as Professional Office 2016 could read various strange extensions though without formatting. Sort of like Notepad can.

    6. It does not open xps or pdf

  2. Presentations

    1. ppt/pptx—all opened and carried out their shows correctly even those with animations.

    2. odp—does not open

  3. PlanMaker

    1. .xlsx—it does not read the dates correctly. There are only ####

    2. .xlr—it does not open

    3. .pmd—it does open and read everything correctly


  1. A new document is easy. You can use premade templates or make your own.

  2. Copying and pasting is accurate.

  3. Copying and pasting a web page is hit and miss, like most office type suites. Personally I use OneNote for saving pages.

  4. Copying and pasting from a pdf has some of the formatting rendered incorrectly, just like most office suites. I use Nitro 10 and use that to convert to a docx or rft.

  5. It handles tables and nested tables with various formatting. If you have an image, you can select it and right click, choose properties and apply things as "Layout, format, filling, lines, shadow, 3D, effects, properties, autoshapes, and picture effects as well.

  6. Columns and flowing text are easy to do. The image is from TextMaker 2012.

    SoftMaker Screenshot

Save and Export

  1. .pdf—There are various options for the user as page selection, generating a Table of Contents, preferences as to quality, options for initial view, and protection. It generates a pdf well. When I used TextMaker more, I never had issues with exporting to pdf and opening it. The formatting is correct. You'll be pleased.

  2. .epub—It is OK for most purposes.




You can do just everything you would want. I have used it a number of times in their Office 2010 and 2012 and found it to be very good.

Here is a screenshot. The link is active. Click on picture.




It is your usual spreadsheet. I've used this in the past without any difficulty. I do know that the maximum number of columns has been increased greatly.

The welcome page on the help file-- Welcome to PlanMaker, the powerful and easy-to-use spreadsheet application.

We have made every effort in the development of PlanMaker to ensure its functions provide the maximum benefits while minimizing user time and effort.

Some of PlanMaker's features

Available for Windows, Linux, and Android

More than 330 built-in arithmetic functions

Integrated charting module that lets you present numbers vividly in charts

Makes creating attractive worksheets easy through numerous formatting options. Long, boring columns of numbers can be turned into attractive tables with the AutoFormat command. With cell styles and character styles, you apply frequently needed formatting with a key press.

The full range of PlanMaker functions is available through a well-designed, ergonomic user interface that includes user-configurable toolbars and keyboard mappings, as well as context menus for commonly used commands (accessible with the right mouse button).

...and much more!

PlanMaker is in continuing development, and we welcome comments and suggestions from our users. If, in the course of your work, you encounter a need for a feature that isn't present, or you have other suggestions, write to us – we want PlanMaker to measure up to the users' wishes!

Features of the Android versions

For Android devices, two different versions of PlanMaker are available:

PlanMaker HD for Android

This version contains practically all features of the Windows version. It is available only for tablets.

PlanMaker Mobile for Android

This version contains only parts of the features of the Windows version. It is available for tablets as well as smart phones.

All instructions in this manual refer to the HD version. (The Mobile version comes with its own user manual.)

I could have explored every detail and feature but it would take up too much space.

In summary Ashampoo has done a lot to improve their office line. I have used the 2010 version and liked it so much I bought the 2012 version. I now use Office 365 for business purposes, but if not for that I would buy this again. Even though there are free office suites out there. I believe everyone should at least try SoftMaker Professional Office 2016 when it becomes available soon. You will not be disappointed.

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