22 May 2015

Sunday School Lesson--The Gospel Spreads

Gospel spreads

A1 Theme--God is sovereign over all things.


A2 Objectives

B1 Explain how the Gospel spread in Samaria.

B2 Explain how the Gospel spread to Ethiopia.

A3 Scriptures

B1 Acts 8:1-8

B2 Acts 8:26-40

B3 Romans 8:28-30

A4 Notes

B1 Saul

C1 Was one of the establishment

C2 A Pharisee

C3 Zealous for God

C4 Ignorant of God's truth

B2 Persecution--Why

C1 Someone's standard is what they think is best

C2 Relativism philosophy

D1 Everybody is right in their own eyes

D2 Their standard is the best

D3 So who wins? The one with the gun

C3 Best solution? Truth

C4 Truth rejected leads to chaos.

C5 The one suffering must

D1 Entrust himself to God (1 Peter 4:19)

D2 Pray for help

D3 Pray for enemies (Matthew 5:44)

B3 Philip

C1 Preacher

C2 Deacon

C3 Faithful

C4 Godly

C5 Full of the Holy Spirit

A5 Questions

B1 What did Saul think of Stephan? (Wanted him dead). Why?

B2 Does God want persecution to spread the Gospel? (No, He wants people to repent and believe the Gospel. Persecution is happening and people are scattering, but God does not ordain persecution to spread the Gospel. God wanted the High Priest to repent and believe as well as his family, the elders, the Scribes, the Pharisees, the Sadducees, the carpenters, the business men and women, etc. God wants persecutors to repent and believe. A good example of this is Saul (Paul).

B3 How dedicated was Saul to find, imprison, and torture Christians? (He traveled to various places)

B4 Saul/Paul was ignorant (I, who was formerly a blasphemer, a persecutor, and an insolent man; but I was shown mercy, because, being ignorant, I did it in unbelief, (1 Timothy 1:13 EMTV)), so what method of interpretation did he use, what was the real final authority for him, and why and how did this happen? Does it happen today? (Paul interpreted Scripture by his theological training).

B5 Who is Philip? (Deacon and preacher to the Samaritans).

B6 Who is Simon? (A magician who became a Christian then coveted the Apostles thinking he could buy God's gifts). Are gifts a work?

B7 What was Simon's main sin? (Covetousness)

B8 Why did Peter rebuke him so harshly? (Simon's sin was very serious).

B9 Should preachers and others rebuke today? (Yes, sin still occurs).

B10 What was Philip's next assignment? (The Ethiopian eunuch).

B11 What was the eunuch reading? (Isaiah 53:7-8)

B12 How did the eunuch respond to Philip's teaching on this passage? (He believed)

B13 Why is faith important? (Without it we cannot please God. Hebrews 11:6).

B14 Where did Philip go after preaching and baptizing the eunuch? (Preaching in other cities, Acts 8:40)

B15 Is the Christian life one of ease, riches, health, wealth, and emotional happiness? Why do the TV type preachers teach this? (They make people feel good and to get more money by a good sales pitch).

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