21 August 2015

Sunday School—Becoming Like Jesus

come follow me--jesus


Becoming Like Jesus


Theme: God works in believers to accomplish His purpose.


A1 Objectives

B1 Describe Jesus as the standard for our holiness of life.

B2 Explain the connection between the "armor of God" and holy living.

A2 Scriptures

B1 1 Peter 1:13-16

B2 Matthew 22:34-40

B3 Ephesians 6:10-20

A3 Notes

B1 1 Peter 1:13-16

C1 Therefore

C2 Three actions

D1 Gird up loins of mind

D2 Be sober

D3 Rest

E1 Two things for our rest

F1 In hope

F2 On grace

E2 In a future blessing/promise--the return of Jesus Christ

C3 Two contrasts

D1 Obedient children

D2 Disobedient children

E1 Natural state of all humans which is to be conformed to our fleshy lusts

E2 Natural state of all humans done because of ignorance

C4 God's character/our character

D1 God is holy

D2 God's will is for us to be holy in the same way/conduct

B2 Matthew 22:34-40

C1 But (showing contrast with what was said preceding this).

C2 When (showing timing of what is to follow).

C3 Pharisees (who were they and what they believed).

C4 Heard (showing the action that happened).

C5 That He had silenced the Sadducees (dependent clause showing what they had heard).

C6 They gathered together (fulfills the time word "when" and shows the result of the previous words).

C7 The lawyer's question--"Teacher, which is the great commandment in the law?"

C8 Jesus answer

D1 The first and great commandment

E1 You

E2 Shall love

E3 The LORD your God

E4 with all

F1 Your heart

F2 Your soul

F3 Your mind

D5 The second

E1 You

E2 Shall love

E3 Your neighbor

E4 As

E5 Yourself

D6 All the Law and Prophets are based on that foundation

B3 Ephesians 6:10-20--The Armor of God, or God's provision for our protection (mainly spiritual).

C1 Command

D1 Be strong in the Lord

D2 Be strong in the power of His might

D3 Put on the whole armor of God

C2 Reason

D1 Be able to stand against the wiles of the devil.

D2 The spiritual fight

E1 We do not wrestle against flesh and blood

E2 We do wrestle against

F1 Principalities

F2 Powers

F3 Rules of darkness of this age

F4 Spiritual hosts of wickedness in heavenly.

C3 Equipment

D1 We need the whole armor

E1 To be able to stand in the evil day

E2 After doing everything to still stand

D2 Truth

D3 Righteousness

D4 Prepared with the Gospel of Peace

D5 Faith

D6 Salvation

D7 Word of God (Scriptures)

D8 Prayer

E1 Alertness

E2 Perseverance

E3 Supplication

F1 All Christians

F2 Paul

G1 To preach Gospel

G2 To preach boldly and as he ought

A4 Questions

B1 1 Peter 1:13-16

C1 Therefore

D1 What does the word therefore indicate/ask of us? (The Scriptures preceding have given material/teaching on a topic. Because of that material we are not called to applied it. It would indicate "because of what has been said, we are not required to..."

D2 What are the three actions we are not required to do? (Gird, be sober, and rest)

D3 What are loins of the mind? (There is no such thing, so it is a word picture of something physical. Physically it refers to picking up the bottom edge of the robe/tunic and tuck it in so we will not trip over it/stumble while we are doing some demanding work or action. Applying this to the mind would mean to be ready for action without something getting in the way).

D4 What are some ways we can "gird up the loins of our mind?"

C2 What is being sober? (Not drunk)

C3 What do this imply? (Our minds must be clear and ready for action).

C4 What about those who say we must use centering prayers, still the mind, quiet, empty the mind and other such terms? (The mind is not active in these situations. Those types have an inactive mind and are disobedient to God's teaching/will in this passage).

C5 What are we resting in? (The return of Jesus Christ).

C6 Why is this a rest?

C7 How does being sober affect our mind? How does not being sober affect our mind?

C8 What is the difference between an obedient and disobedient child?

C9 What type of children are described here? (Spiritual children)

C10 In what ways are Christians spiritual and physically disobedient?

C11 What kind of obedience is God's calling us to?

C12 What is holiness?

C13 Does God ever sin?

B2 Matthew 22:34-40

C1 What had the Pharisees heard? (Jesus's clear teaching about the resurrection to the Sadducees).

C2 Why did the Pharisees gather together?

C3 What is a lawyer? (See here. "The work of the "lawyers," frequently spoken of as "scribes," also known as "doctors" of the law (Lk 2:46 margin), was first of all that of jurists. Their business was threefold: (1) to study and interpret the law; (2) to instruct the Hebrew youth in the law; (3) to decide questions of the law. The first two they did as scholars and teachers, the last as advisers in some court." From "Lawyer" in ISBE.

C4 Why would a question test Jesus?

C5 Why would the lawyer want to know if Jesus know the first and great command?

C5 How do we love God?

C6 How do we love ourselves?

C7 How does this apply to loving our neighbor?

C8 What is the foundation for all the Law and Prophets? Why?

C9 Why would the Pharisees want to "test" Jesus?

B3 Ephesians 6:10-20

C1 Why do we need protection?

C2 How will this armor help us be successful or a failure in the Christian life.

C3 Let us look at some people in the Bible and see how they were successful/unsuccessful in God's eyes.

D1 Lucifer/Satan (Isaiah 14:12 (Some say this refers to the "King of Babylon" or since the title refers to Messiah, the anti-Christ usurped it, but can such a description here refer to any man?), 2 Peter 2:4, 1 John 3:8, Zechariah 3:1, 1 Thessalonians 2:18).

D2 Adam

D3 Eve

D4 Cain

D5 Able

D6 Noah

D7 The world before the flood

D8 Abraham

D9 Lot

D10 Citizens of Sodom/Gomorrah

D11 King David

D12 King Solomon

D13 Zachariah (father of John the Baptist)

D14 Mary

D15 Joseph

D16 Peter

D17 Judas

D18 Paul

D19 You

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