27 July 2016

In His care

Theme: God provides for His people

Know: God arranged events that promoted Joseph to a prominent position in Egypt to provide a way for Israel and his descendants to survive the famine.
Think: Be constantly aware that God provides for His people on His terms, sometimes in ways we would never expect.
Do: Do what you know is good and right, and expect God to provide the rest.

Scriptures: Genesis 45:1-28

Notes and questions:
  1. What's happened since Joseph was sold as a slave?
    1. Joseph interprets various dreams--Genesis 40
    2. Joseph interprets Pharaoh's dreams--Genesis 41
    3. Joseph's brothers go to Egypt and return the first time--Genesis 42
    4. Joseph's brothers go to Egypt with Benjamin and have a feast with Joseph,--Genesis 43
    5. Joseph's keeps Benjamin from returning to Israel and Judah's plea to Joseph for Benjamin's release,--Genesis 44
    6. Joseph would have been about 32 years old at the time of Genesis 45. See Genesis 41:46 and Genesis 45:6.
    7. Joseph had spent about 13 years as a slave.
  2. What happens in Genesis 45?
    1. Joseph reveals to his brother who he is--Genesis 45:1-2
    2. Joseph explains what has happened, how his being in Egypt is good, and that Israel must come to Egypt--Genesis 45:3-15
    3. Pharaoh hears of Joseph's brothers--Genesis 45:16-20
    4. Joseph does as Pharaoh instructs and gives gifts and instructions to Joseph's brothers--Genesis 45:21-24
    5. The brothers tell Israel all that has happened to them--Genesis 45:25-28
  3. Up until Genesis 45 what would Israel and Joseph's brothers think happened to Joseph?
  4. Why did Joseph hide his identity from his brothers?
  5. Could God have kept Israel's family alive by other means that Joseph being sold as a slave?
  6. Genesis 45:1, why did Joseph send everyone out of his presence except for his brothers?
  7. Genesis 45:3, what was the response of Joseph's brothers to his true identify? Can truth be shocking?
  8. This passage speaks of deliverance. Who are all those who are being delivered?
  9. What is the worst bondage of all? (Sin. And having been freed from sin, you became enslaved to righteousness. (Romans 6:18 EMTV).
  10. What is the best slavery there is? (Righteousness)
  11. Who is our deliverer?
  12. If we find ourselves as a slave, what should be our attitude? (To be the best slave ever).
  13. Joseph had worked for Pharaoh about 2 years at the time of this story. Why didn't he leave to visit his father?
  14. Genesis 45:9, who made Joseph lord (prime minister under Pharaoh) over all Egypt? Who has the ultimate authority? How does this authority affect our lives?
  15. Genesis 45:13, is Joseph bragging, boasting?
  16. Genesis 45:17-20, does Joseph obey Pharaoh?
  17. Genesis 45:24, why did Joseph tell his brothers not to argue?
  18. Genesis 45:36, it would have been enough to tell Israel that Joseph was still alive, but what do you think was going through Israel's mind when told Joseph was ruler?
  19. What is the difference between what the world gives and what God gives?
  20. God has restored our relationship to Him through faith in Jesus Christ's Gospel. In what ways are we to restore fellowship with others?
  21. Does God always provide the life we want? What are some ways, that if we are willing, God's way is best?
  22. In our Christian life how does God provide deliverance, sustenance, and restoration?

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