01 March 2017

Jericho and Rahab

Theme: Acting in Faith

Scriptures: Joshua 2:1-24

Notes and Questions:
B1 Background
  • Rahab
    • A prostitute
      • Some interpret the word to mean an innkeeper.
      • The Hebrew word is זָנָה zânâh, zaw-naw. But the word means:
      • to commit fornication, be a harlot, play the harlot
        • (Qal)
          • to be a harlot, act as a harlot, commit fornication
          • to commit adultery
          • to be a cult prostitute
          • to be unfaithful (to God) (fig.)
        • (Pual) to play the harlot
        • (Hiphil)
          • to cause to commit adultery
          • to force into prostitution
          • to commit fornication
        • The Greek word is the same as in Hebrews 11:31 and James 2:25.
      • Always referred to as “prostitute” in the Bible, because to identify her with this particular Rahab.
        • After trusting in God, she was no longer a prostitute.
        • She became the wife of Salmon and mother of Boaz (Matthew 1:5).
        • She is also called this in Hebrews 11:31 and James 2:25.
    • An example of faith in Hebrews (Hebrews 11:31)
    • An example that her deeds showed her faith (James 2:25)
  • Two Israeli spies. Their names are unknown.
  • The citizens of Jericho.
    • Heathens
    • Worshipped idols
    • Were cursed by God (Joshua 6:17).
B2 Outline
  • Spies sent Joshua 2:1
  • Spies found out and ordered to be arrested Joshua 2:2-3
  • Spies hid by Rahab Joshua 2:4-7
  • Spies hear of Jericho’s fear Joshua 2:8-11
  • Spies made to promise safety to Rahab and family Joshua 2:12-14
  • Spies assisted to escape Joshua 2:15-21
  • Spies leave and give report to Joshua 2:22-24
B3 What has happened to you in your background that has left scars permanently?
B4 How do we know Rahab was reborn?
B5 Spies sent. Joshua 2:1,
  • Why did Joshua send spies?
  • Is this wise?
  • How can we apply this?
B6 Spies found out and ordered to be arrested Joshua 2:2-3,
  • What do you think Rahab was thinking when she got the order from the king to turn over the Israeli spies?
  • Is there a place for civil disobedience? When is it right to do so?
B7 Spies hid by Rahab Joshua 2:4-7,
  • Rahab is lying.
  • Is it ever right to lie? What about Corrie ten Boom?
  • Allan Crowson writes in the D6 Fusion study guide for spring 2017: “Rahab lied to protect the physical survival of the spies and the people of Israel. Our lies tend to focus on saving our own reputation, or avoiding embarrassment.”
B8 Spies hear of Jericho’s fear Joshua 2:8-11,
  • Why did Rahab respond this way?
  • Why did the others did not?
  • Did not all have opportunity to repent?
  • Why do some people repent today and some do not?
    • How does this verse apply? Have I any pleasure at all that the wicked should die? says the Lord GOD: and not that he should turn from his ways, and live? Ezekiel 18:23
    • Or this one: "That's why I speak to them in parables, because they seeing, do not see, and hearing, do not hear or do they understand. "The prophecy of Isaiah is fulfilled in them that says, 'By hearing, you will hear, and will not understand, and seeing, you will see, and not able to see the meaning.' Matthew 13:13-14
    • Or the Parable of the Sower as in Luke 8:5-15?
  • How can we apply her witness to be our witness? She was one and maybe only one. Can we be the same?
  • How do decisions and actions affect our children and grandchldren?
B9 Spies made to promise safety to Rahab and family Joshua 2:12-14,
  • Why did she use the word Yahweh (Lord) in Joshua 2:12?
  • Are conditional promises (as these 2 men gave) right?
B10 Spies assisted to escape Joshua 2:15-21,
  • What would have happened if Rahab forgot to put the scarlet rope out the window? Would the Israelis been obligated to perform their promise?
  • Does placing the rope out the window show faith?
  • How can Christians today show faith?
  • How does James 2:18-26 apply?
  • What three tests did the men give Rahab to have the promise in effect? (The rope out the window, stay in the house, and don’t tell anyone).
B11 Spies leave and give report to Joshua 2:22-24,
  • How would the men’s report be an encouragement to Joshua and the Israelis?
  • How can we be an encouragement like this?
B12 Next week
  • A different way of doing things
  • Theme: Obedient faith
  • Scripture: Joshua 6:1-27

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