11 April 2019

New Christian Handbook Part 2


I'll be posting a part each day, then when done will post a link to a downloadable pdf that is .

There are many other pamphlets and courses for new Christians that are much better than this, but perhaps this might help, encourage, stimulate, and ground someone in the faith. That is my only intent. This copy is Copyright © 2019 by Len Gane All rights reserved but the pdf download version 10 April 19 only is .

The New Christian's Handbook Part 2

Basic Doctrine

Reasonable or Not?

B1 The beginning (I don’t necessarily agree with all the presenters, but they give some reasons for a beginning).
C1 Videos
D1 God vs Atheism: Which is more rational? (Video link)
D2 Does Science Argue For or Against God? (Video link)
D3 Does God Exist? 4 New Arguments (Video link)
D4 Teleological Argument - Dr. William Lane Craig vs Dr. Sean Carroll (Video Link)
D5 Professor John Lennox | God DOES exist (Video link)
D6 What is the Kalam Cosmological Argument? - William Lane Craig (Video link) or The Kalam Cosmological Argument (Video link)
C2 Questions
D1 Are we Christians because of experience (“I feel God”) or because of evidence (“I believe, because it is most reasonable”)?
D2 Does science, properly understood as observation, refute Christianity?
D3 Which arguments seem best to you for explaining God’s existence that are most reasonable?
B2 The Gospels (Is it reasonable)?
C1 Videos
D1 Good Reasons to Trust the Gospels As Eyewitness Accounts (Video link)
D2 Are The New Testament Documents Historically Credible? (Video link)
D3 Compare these 2 videos
E1 Bart Ehrman: The Gospels Were Not Written by Eyewitnesses (Video link)
E2 Are the Gospels Eyewitness Accounts? From J. Warner Wallace at Cold Case Christianity (Video link)
D4 Eyewitnesses Never Agree (Video link)
C2 Questions
D1 Is it reasonable that the Gospels are eyewitness accounts (those titled Matthew and John) or journalists who had collaboration with eyewitnesses (Mark and Luke)? Support your answer.
D2 How does one evaluate if one is an eyewitness?
D3 Why don’t eyewitnesses tell exactly the same account?

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