17 April 2019

New Christian Handbook Part 8

I'll be posting a part each day, then when done will post a link to a downloadable pdf that is CC BY NC ND.
I cannot get the formatting correct, but it is correct in the original.

The New Christian’s Handbook Part 8

Pray at the start
Read the material
Answer the questions
Pray again

Basic Christian Life

Bible Study

B1 Some of the better places online to study
C2 Bible Atlas: http://bibleatlas.org
C5 Bible Helps: http://biblehelpsinc.org
C6 Bible History Site: https://www.bible-history.com/
C7 Bible Hub: http://biblehub.com
C8 Bible Org: https://bible.org/
C9 Bible Prophecy Blog: http://www.bibleprophecyblog.com
C11 Bible Study Downloads: http://biblestudydownloads.org/resource/
C14 Biblia: http://biblia.com
C15 Blue Letter Bible: https://www.blueletterbible.org
C18 Word Search Bible: https://www.mywsb.com
B2 The 2 Question method, which is what I use in my 3 year Bible study. It goes through the Old Testament in 3 years and the New Testament 1 time each year for a total of 3 times in 3 years). The answers don’t have to be in detail, but the main idea. Try to concentrate on one or more of the verses for a few minutes. Examples:
C1 Questions
D1 What does this mean?
D2 How do I apply this to my life?
C2 Example 1
  • Reading: 2 Kings 11
  • What does this mean?
    • Athaliah attempts to kill all the royal family, reigns for 7 years, then dies. She killed all the descendants of the king except one--Joash.
  • How do I apply this to my life?
    • God hates sin.
  • Reading: Luke 18
  • What does this mean?
    • The persistent widow (persistent prayer), the Pharisee and tax collector, blessing of the children, the rich, young ruler, Jesus predicts His death (3rd time), and Jesus heals the blind beggar,
  • How do I apply this to my life?
    • God doesn't like quitters. God doesn't approve of braggarts. God loves children. God wants to be the first priority in our lives. Jesus has compassion and can do miracles.
C2 Example 2
D1 MORNING of 3 Apr 19
  • Reading: 2 Kings 16
  • What does this mean?
    • Ahaz rules in Judah; he was evil. If he wasn't evil enough, he imitated the Assyrian gods, which doomed him.
  • How do I apply this to my life?
    • If you see rebels being punished for the words and deeds, then do not do those same things, yet unfortunately most do.
D2 EVENING of 3 Apr 19
  • Reading: Luke 23
  • What does this mean?
    • The Lord Jesus is taken to Pilate, who finds nothing criminal in him, but he sends Him to Herod. The Lord Jesus didn't answer the questions, because it wouldn't have done any good. This is seen by the mockery, and how Jesus was despised. Herod and Pilate find nothing worthy of death in Jesus. The Jewish leaders and their followers lust for Jesus' death. Pilate gives in to them and orders Jesus' death. Two others are crucified with Him. In verse 34, maybe the Father did forgive them and maybe not. Note, this is a prayer, not a judicial decision. Most people at the crucifixion of Jesus mock Him, hating God, hating Messiah, for which they are today paying serious consequences. One criminal believes. Jesus died willingly, not from His wounds. Jesus is buried with the women watching.
  • How do I apply this to my life?
    • There are times when we should not answer questions. Be thankful that He did this for us.

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