15 September 2020

Signs of Salvation

 A great article from a number of years ago by Roy Ingle

Signs of Salvation

While we often are quick to stress the Reformation emphasis that salvation is by grace through faith apart from works of righteousness (Ephesians 2:8-9; Titus 3:5-7), we also must equally emphasis that there are signs that will come forth that reveal a genuine salvation. Too often we evangelicals (and especially us Arminians) are too quick to declare that someone is saved simply because they said a prayer, raised a hand, or came down front and knelt at the altar. We must be careful to preach the true gospel of repentance unto salvation and not just an emotional experience. If we equate salvation with mere emotionalism then we will quickly see the Church become a dying force. We must base salvation not just on emotions (although they may be legitimate) but we must base true salvation upon the inerrant Word of God.

I can well remember my years in youth ministry where I saw many teenagers “come to Christ” but hardly any remain Christians today. Call them false converts or simply that they lost their salvation but one way or another they are not walking with Jesus today and in fact some of them are anti-Christian. Why? Was it my fault? I believe that with all the good that comes out of youth ministry, too often some youth events were so emotionally driven that the teenagers would have joined Amway if given the chance at that point. With kicking music and lights and the room full of their peers, those teenagers were not falling under the conviction of the Spirit but the positive peer pressure of “getting high on the Most High.” The youth evangelist could have song “The B-I-B-L-E” and the teens would have ran down front ready to go to China for Jesus.

But where was true repentance? Where was the emphasis...

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