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26 August 2015

Sunday School Lesson—Jesus’s Return

Jesus will return

God is faithful

Theme: God is faithful to His promises.

A1 Objectives

B1 Describes the certain aspects of Christ's return.

B2 Explain the hope Christians have in light of the Second Coming.

A2 Scriptures

B1 1 Thessalonians 4:15-18

B2 Matthew 24:15-31

B3 Revelation 20:1-10

B4 Titus 2:11-14

A3 Notes

B1 1 Thessalonians 4:15-18 (Start reading, however, as verse 13).

C1 Speaks of Jesus's return

C2 The main statement is in verse 13.

C3 Following this there are 3 points amplifying the main statement. These are verse 14,15, and 16.

C4 Next is a verse that starts with the word "then." This signifies a result from the previous 3 verses (14-16).

C5 Lastly there is verse 18 which starts with the word "therefore," which indicates an application for us.

B2 Matthew 24:15-31

C1 Speaks of Jesus coming at the end of tribulation.

C2 This passage speaks of the tribulation period. See here.

B3 Revelation 20:1-10

C1 Tells us what will happen to

D1 satan

D2 Nonbelievers

D3 Believers

C2 Tells us about the end

B4 Titus 2:11-14

C1 Teaches us the effects of the grace of God.

C2 Teaches us to look towards the return of Jesus Christ.

C3 Teaches us why Jesus gave Himself.

A4 Questions

B1 1 Thessalonians 4:13-18

C1 What is the main doctrine taught in 1 Thessalonians 4:13-15?

C2 Is doctrine important? Why? See here, here, and h

C3 1 Thessalonians 4:13-What was the motive to write this portion? (Paul didn't want them ignorant).

C4 What did Paul not want them ignorant of?

C5 In verse 13 what does "so that" refer to? (what has been said leads to a conclusion. In this case it refers to Paul not wanting the people to be sad about those Christians who have already died).

C6 Who are the two groups of Christians spoken of here? (Saints dead or alive).

C7 Why is the term "fall asleep" used?

C8 Is this teaching the lie of "soul sleep?" Soul sleep is the belief that the body dies, but the soul/immaterial part of a person sleeps until Jesus comes and calls him from the grace.

D1 Mainly taught by Seventh Day Adventists.

E1 Humans are mud/dirt/dust with the "breath of life" that God gave.

E2 When a person dies, the body/person becomes compost, and the "breath of life" returns to God.

E3 The "breath of life" is not a person, or soul, or nonmaterial part of the person, that is, the emotions, mind, attitude, etc. It is only the thing that animates the body.

E4 At the resurrection, those who had faith in Jesus Christ are raised from death with a new body and the return of the "breath of life" to live forever with God. Those who did not have faith in Jesus Christ are destroyed , that is, annihilated after they are resurrected.

D2 Problems with the concept

E1 Makes us a sophisticated robot. Something turns it on and off

E2 Enoch-Genesis

E3 Elijah--2 Kings 2:11

E4 Transfiguration--Matthew 17:3

E5 Rich man--Luke 16:19-31

E6 There is a soul/spirit that is separate from the flesh. Job 32:8, Isaiah 26:9, Matthew 10:28, Matthew 26:38, 1 Corinthians 2:11-12, 1Corinthians 6:20, 2 Corinthians 5:8.

E7 For more information see here,

C9 In verses 14 and 15 the word "for" is used. The Greek word is "gar" and in used in presenting points in an argument. What are the 2 points in Paul's presentation?

C10 In verse 14 what are 2 things that Paul states that we believe?

C11 In verse 14 who is coming back? (God). What does God refer to in this verse? (Jesus).

C12 In verse 14 who is coming back with God?

C13 In verse 15 who is going to be with God first?

C14 Who is next?

C15 In verse 16 where is the Lord?

C16 In verse 16 what two voices are heard?

C17 What is the order in meeting the Lord in the air?

C18 Does the Lord touch the earth?

C19 What is the therefore refer to? (Comfort one another with these words).

B2 Matthew 24:15-31

C1 Speaks of the tribulation period.

C2 What to look for.

C3 What to avoid.

C4 Matthew 24:30 When does the sign of the Son of Man appear? (After the horrible signs about the moon and sun).

C5 Matthew 24:30 Who sees Jesus return? (Everyone).

C6 Matthew 24:34 What generation does Jesus refer to in His statement, "...this generation will never pass away until all these things take place!" Does it refer to the generation that Jesus is talking to or to the generation who see the signs that He has just spoken about? (The generation of those who see the signs that He has just spoken about).

B3 Revelation 20:1-10

C1 Revelation 20:1-3

D1 Who keeps chained up?

D2 How long is the devil to be locked in prison (abyss)?

D3 What is one of the devil's main activities? (Deceive)

C2 Revelation 20:4

D1 Who is honored by Jesus?

D2 What had the anti-Christ done to the believers during the Tribulation period?

D3 Who reigns with Christ according to this passage?

C3 Revelation 20:5-6

D1 These believers had their resurrection just after the return of Jesus Christ.

D2 When did the nonbelievers have their resurrection?

D3 Would it be better to not have been killed by the anti-Christ or those who were killed by him?

D4 What is another blessing for the believers? (Second death has no effect on them. The Second Death is being sent to hell).

C4 Revelation 20:7-9

D1 What happens after the 1,000 years are over?

D2 Is the 1,000 years literal or figurative? (Literal just like everything else in this passage)

D3 After satan's release from his prison, what does he do?

D4 Is he successful?

D5 Where do those who believe satan go? (Revelation 20:9)

C5 Revelation 20:10

D1 What happens to the devil?

D2 How is hell described?

D3 Who is already there?

D4 How long will they be tormented?

B4 Titus 2:11-14

C1 What has appeared?

C2 Who is the one who preached this grace? (Jesus Christ)

C3 Is salvation for a few or offered to all?

C4 What three participles describe what the grace of God does? (Bringing, training, looking for).

C5 What are we to look for?

C6 Is it a blessed hope to go through the tribulation or be delivered before it happens?

C7 Titus 2:14--What important teaching is written here?

C8 Who is the Great God and Savior?