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05 October 2019

Recognizing Spiritual Abuse

A few days ago, Julie Roys, wrote an article, Hugh Freeze, Liberty University, and the Anatomy of Spiritual Abuse. In this article, she discussed spiritual abuse, namely, manipulation. It is very good to help us recognize this type of abuse.

Wade Mullen identifies some techniques of spiritual abuse into 2 categories: macro-level techniques and micro-level techniques. Here is a summary of these:

Four Steps of Spiritual AbuseMullen said Liberty employed four typical “macro-level,” spiritually abusive tactics in its convocation with Freeze. These included:
  • Define the situation so people don’t define it for themselves.
  • Use excuses to manage people’s perception of the situation.
  • Claim forgiveness as an entitlement.
  • Get Endorsements.
In addition to these “macro-level” tactics, Mullen said Liberty also employed several “micro-level” tactics like “exemplification” and “polishing.” Mullen said those on the receiving end, like the students, often don’t grasp the truth behind the scandal being covered up or whitewashed, because the abusive people are defining everything for them.