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21 July 2015

What is God like?

Is God like a Santa Claus, or a sport figure, or an alien? Just some basic searches in the Bible reveal His character. I just looked at two books in the New Testament—Matthew and Romans. Hopefully this will give us a better understanding of who He is.

god is light



God is with us Matthew 1:23

God is able to raise up children to Abraham Matthew 3:9

God has living words Matthew 4:4

God has a son. Matthew 4:6

God is not to be tempted. Matthew 4:7

God is to be worshiped. Matthew 4:10

God's throne is in heaven. Matthew 5:34

God does not tolerate worship of others or other things. Matthew 6:24

God is concerned about our needs. Matthew 6:30

God has a kingdom. Matthew 6:33

God has rules. Matthew 15:6

God is the God of Israel Matthew 15:31

God is living Matthew 16:16

God is good Matthew 19:17

God doesn't let just anyone into His kingdom. Matthew 19:24

God can do anything that is according to His character. Matthew 19:26

God won't people into heaven just because they are religious only. Matthew 21:31

God of today is and was the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob. Matthew 22:32

Jesus is the temple of God. Matthew 26:61

God forsook His Son. Matthew 27:46




God has a Gospel. Romans 1:1

God has a Son. Romans 1:4

God has grace and peace to give. Romans 1:7

God is thanked for things. Romans 1:8

God is witness. Romans 1:9

God's Gospel has power. Romans 1:16

God has righteousness. Romans 1:17

God has anger/wrath. Romans 1:18

God shows us things. Romans 1:19

God deserves to be glorified. Romans 1:21

God punishes sin. Romans 1:24, 26

God is a God of truth. Romans 1:25

God is hated by some. Romans 1:30

God gives judgment. Romans 2:2-3

God does not show partiality. Romans 2:11

God has standards and a law. Romans 2:13

God knows the secrets of humans. Romans 2:16

God gets dishonor from some. Romans 2:23

God gets blasphemed by people's actions. Romans 2:24

God gives praise to some. Romans 2:29

God is true. Romans 3:4

God punishes. Romans 3:5-6

God has truth. Romans 3:7

God is not sought after by humans in their natural state. Romans 3:11

God is not feared by all humans in their natural state. Romans 3:18

God requires faith. Romans 3:22

God has forbearance. Romans 3:25

God is God of the Jews and the Gentiles. Romans 3:29

God is the one who justifies. Romans 3:30

God is the God of Abraham. Romans 4:17

God gives promises. Romans 4:20

God gives peace through Jesus Christ. Romans 5:1

God has glory. Romans 5:2

God has love. Romans 5:5

God demonstrates love. Romans 5:8

God reconciles. Romans 5:10

God's grace comes through Jesus Christ. Romans 5:15

God makes alive. Romans 6:23

God wants a harvest of fruit. Romans 7:4

God dealt with sin and its guilt through Jesus Christ. Romans 8:3

God is hatred by the natural state of humans. Romans 8:7

God's Spirit lives in believers. Romans 8:9

God has heirs. Romans 8:17

God has a will. Romans 8:27

God works out all things well to those who love God. Romans 8:28

God is for us believers. Romans 8:31

God is the one who justifies. Romans 8:33

God has His Son, Jesus, sitting at His right hand. Romans 8:34

God has love that we cannot be separated from. Romans 8:39

Jesus is God. Romans 9:5

God's word does not fail. Romans 9:6

God has no unrighteousness. Romans 9:14

God is the one who shows mercy. Romans 9:16

God is sassed by some. Romans 9:20

God has longsuffering. Romans 9:22

God has those who do not submit to His righteousness. Romans 10:3

God has raised up Jesus Christ from the dead. Romans 10:9

God has not thrown Israel out. Romans 11:1-2

God can close spiritual eyes if people resist Him. Romans 11:8

God punished Israel. He can punish you and me, too. Romans 11:22

God is able to graft Israelites into His vine again. Romans 11:23

God is a deliverer. Romans 11:26

God has shown mercy to those who were once disobedient. Romans 11:30-32

God's wisdom and knowledge are beyond our comprehension. Romans 11:33

God has compassion. Romans 12:1

God is well pleased with our spiritual sacrifices. Romans 12:1

God has a perfect, that is, flawless will. Romans 12:2

God wants us to think of ourselves honestly. Romans 12:3

God has established government authority. Romans 13:1

God has ordinances. Romans 13:2

God uses government leaders as He wills. Romans 13:4

God loves both vegans and non-vegans. Romans 14:4

God has decreed that every person will confess that God is God. Romans 14:11

God has a kingdom. Romans 14:17

God is pleased when we obey the rules and teaching of Jesus. Romans 14:18

God is patient. Romans 15:5

God is encouraging. Romans 15:5

God gave Paul authority to do signs and wonders. Romans 15:19

God receives our prayers. Romans 15:30

God is peace. Romans 16:20

God is the only wise. Romans 16:27