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12 July 2020

Devotional Notes Romans 5

B1 What does this mean?
C1 The Means of Justification and Peace With God
D1 Peace with God
E1 Our part is faith, that is, believing God.
E2 God’s part is justification because of the ministry of Jesus.
E3 Peace with God means not fearing His wrath in this life and the next.
F1 Peace is the first blessing of faith.
F2 It is the beginning of a new life. It often brings peace between others and us.
E4 Faith in Jesus is the condition for God’s mercy to be experienced.
D2 Distress in life (from any cause) leads to endurance which leads to proven character which leads to hope. We are in God’s school to grow in faith. Praise God.
D3 When breaking the Law, someone must be punished. It is the lawbreaker, unless someone is a substitute. Jesus was willing to be that substitute. Note the importance of the blood. The blood signifies substitute and death. A willing and legal substitute has died for the punishment of a sinner. Thank you, Lord Jesus.
D4 If, when we were enemies of God, Jesus died, what blessings will be ours now that we are justified by faith in Jesus.
D5 We will rejoice in God.
C2 All Are Spiritually Dead Through Adam and Spiritually Through Jesus
D1 Adam’s sin affected all people, since all are descendants (except Jesus who is God’s Son). The proof of this is our sin, which all humans do (except Jesus).
D2 Written law or no written law, the law existed. Proof of this is punishment for breaking the law.
D3 Verse 15, quoting Clarke: "It is evident that the apostle, in this and the two following verses, is running a parallel, or making a comparison between the offence of Adam and its consequence; and the opposite gift of God and its consequences.
D4 One sin brought death to all humans. One obedience brought forgiveness after many sins.
D5 The importance of the resurrection (verse 17).
D6 Verse 19 shows the contrast between no faith (disobedience) bringing death and faith (obedience to the Gospel) bringing life. 19 Just as through one man’s disobedience many became sinners, so through the obedience of one many will become righteous.
D7 Verse 20, the importance of the Law showing, proving, convicting all of sin.
D8 Sin is strong, so strong in fact, that all humans die because of their sin. Christ’s righteousness is stronger, so much stronger in fact, that those who believe will live even though they sinned. Christ paid the penalty. Those who believe reap the benefit of righteousness, Christ’s righteous, eternal life and all those joys of God’s gifts.
C3 Questions
D1 What is peace with God?
D2 Why is it necessary?
D3 How do we receive peace with God?
D4 What is the purpose of the Law?
D5 What is the importance of Jesus’s resurrection?

How do I apply this to my life? Believe and rejoice in Jesus Christ alone for salvation. Acts 4:12 ESV And there is salvation in no one else, for there is no other name under heaven given among men by which we must be saved.