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23 January 2019

1 Timothy 1

1 Timothy 1:1-2

  • Paul identifies himself as Apostle writing to Timothy.
  • Timothy is identified as my true son in the faith.
  • Paul had preached the Gospel to Timothy.
  • Timothy had been prepared from birth by his grandmother and mother.
  • We can learn that grandparents and parents can have a great influence in the spiritual life of a child by reading and teaching the Scriptures.
  • We can learn, too, that by memorizing Scripture as a child will be used later by the Holy Spirit to open their mind and heart to the Gospel.

1 Timothy 1:3-11

Oppose false teachers
  • There are always false teachers.
  • We must always be aware of the fact that there are false teachers.
  • Often false teachers appear to be the holiest people in the congregation.
  • If we have studied, know, and believe the truth, we will spot them much more quickly.
  • It is important and a responsibility of the pastor to know what people believe and are teaching.
  • False teachers will
    • Teach something false. Sometimes it is very subtle, so we must clarify at times. They may even change the common definition to what they want it to mean.
    • Teach things that are speculation to be an important doctrine/s.
    • Teach the Law (Torah) without even understanding what it really means and/or how it applies to the Christian. Compare the controversy in Acts 15:1-35.
  • This false teaching has an effect on the people leading to discussions, debates, disagreements, etc. so in effect diverting the people from what is important to what is not important.
  • Paul teaches that the Law is useful for convicting a person of their sins by showing God’s holy standard of thoughts, desires, words, and deeds.

1 Timothy 1:12-17

Paul’s Testimony and Thankfulness
  • Now, Paul rehearses his conversion. Paul considered himself to be blameless according to the Law’s standards (at least outwardly). See Philippians 3:6.
  • Paul mentions some of his sins
    • Blasphemer
    • Persecutor
    • Insolent
  • Despite his sins, Paul thanks God for His great mercy in giving him understanding of the Gospel and the Gospel itself, which is of Jesus Christ.
  • He feels that he is one of the worst of sinners and God’s love showed its greatness towards him.
  • We notice the greatness of God’s patience.
  • Paul, then, praises God for
    • Being King (King of the universe for sure)
    • Being eternal, immortal, invisible, God who alone is wise
  • Because of all these things, God is worthy of the highest honors and praise.

1 Timothy 1:18- 20

Stand true
  • Paul reminds Timothy of the prophecies given when he was ordained.
  • One of Timothy’s ministries is to wage warfare. This
    • Is not physical as in using the sword.
    • Is spiritual by thinking, living, preaching as a Christian
  • Keeping faith is being faithful to what he has been taught by Paul and others.
  • A blunted conscious is possible by ignoring or diminishing these teachings.
  • Paul mentions 2 teachers who have sinned against God—Hymenaeus and Alexander. These 2
    • Blasphemed God
      • Taking His name in vain
      • Lying about His character and His character traits
      • Teaching lies, which are things not found in the teaching of Jesus Christ or His apostles.
  • Teach our children
  • Remember what we are taught
  • Be aware that there are false teachers. Some may not reveal themselves until after they have taught truth and have the trust of the congregation.
  • We need to study the truth first then do apologetics.
  • God will hold teachers responsible if they teach error.
  • God wants people saved. So we need to preach and live the Gospel.
  • Be thankful for God’s love and mercy. We are not to take those things for granted.
  • It is OK to name names.