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09 September 2018

1 Peter 3:1-7 and Submission

1 Peter 3:1-7 is often cited by those who wish to control wives. These are those men and pastors who feel a woman needs the strong hand of a man to guide her.

In reality, those types tend to be abusive. Abusive people are evil. There is no love, if there is any abuse.

A careful study of the passage in the plain, normal sense and understanding English language will NOT interpret this passage to dominate women.

The plain sense of Scripture in 1 Peter 3:1-7 shows
  • The situation of a Christian wife and non-Christian husband. The situation can be either husband or wife. It refers to one spouse being a Christian and the other is not.
  • The nonbeliever will not obey God’s command to repent and believe the Gospel.
  • The Christian can then, live the Gospel, by living the Christian life required by Messiah Jesus for both men and women, instead of pleading, perhaps nagging the unbeliever.
  • Hopefully, the non-Christian will see the superiority of the Christian life, repent, and believe the Gospel.
  • The Apostle reminds the Christian, whether wife or husband, to speak respectfully.
  • Be respectful and give honor to each other.
  • The Christian (this especially refers to the husband) will not have God answer his prayers, if he treats his wife with any hint of abuse.

In summary:
  • A controlling spouse cannot lawfully use this Scripture passage to force the other.
  • Word meanings in English have changed. Care must be taken to understand its use.
  • God is supreme. He is omniscient and omnisapient. His will and lifestyle is the best.
  • We must be of the mindset to do God’s will. To know God’s will, we must study the Bible and pray for wisdom.
  • Love your spouse as I have written in other articles about love.

A better translation understanding that the Greek word implies no defiance or resistance: 1 Peter 3:1-7 God’s Word Wives, in a similar way, place yourselves under your husbands' authority. Some husbands may not obey God's word. Their wives could win these men for Christ by the way they live without saying anything. 2 Their husbands would see how pure and reverent their lives are. 3 Wives must not let their beauty be something external. Beauty doesn't come from hairstyles, gold jewelry, or clothes. 4 Rather, beauty is something internal that can't be destroyed. Beauty expresses itself in a gentle and quiet attitude which God considers precious. 5 After all, this is how holy women who had confidence in God expressed their beauty in the past. They placed themselves under their husbands' authority 6 as Sarah did. Sarah obeyed Abraham and spoke to him respectfully. You became Sarah's daughters by not letting anything make you afraid to do good. 7 Husbands, in a similar way, live with your wives with understanding since they are weaker than you are. Honor your wives as those who share God's life-giving kindness so that nothing will interfere with your prayers.

17 March 2015



B1 Wives, subject yourselves to your own husbands, as is fitting in the Lord. (Colossians 3:18, EMTV)

B2 A controversial subject

B3 Submit (Colossians 3:18)

C1 Not as a slave with no rights.

C2 But a yielding to the higher authority.

C3 Someone has to have the last word.

C4 The word means "under another".

D1 Instead of pushing for superiority, dominance, and bullying,

D2 Has the idea of willing to acknowledge the better opinion of another.

D3 The idea of amenable, docile, open (to another's opinion).

"ready or willing to answer, act, agree, or yield; open to influence, persuasion, or advice; agreeable; submissive; tractable:

an amenable servant."--amenable. (n.d.). Unabridged. Retrieved March 17, 2015, from website:

C5 This does NOT mean a woman is second rate. Consider

D1 Eve is called the "Mother of all living."

D2 Miriam is called a prophetess.

D3 Deborah is a judge in Israel.

D4 Mary, the mother of Jesus.

D5 The first human witnesses of the resurrected Jesus were women.

D6 The deacon Phillip had daughters who were recognized as prophetesses.

C6 God has a very high opinion of women.

SUBMIT YOURSELVES TO GOD—from the book Handfuls on Purpose, Smith, James and Lee, Robert, Public domain

James 4:6-7

Man, away from God, is represented as an enemy and a rebel.

I. What is not Submission. A man has not submitted to God as long as he is-

1. In a State of Indifference. Like Gallio, caring for none of these things (Acts 18:17).

2. Living only for Self. Desiring his own praise and honor.

3. Seeking to Please Men. Satisfied with an outward appearance.

4. Loving the World. If the world is in the heart, it is still an enemy to God.

II. To Whom we should submit. To God.

1. Because He hath made us. Our Creator.

2. Because He hath sent His Son to save us (John 3:16).

3. Because He hath given His Spirit to quicken and comfort us.

4. Because He hath given His Word to guide and assure us.

III. What is to be submitted? "Yourselves." This implies-

(1) Your will and affections. (2) Your time and talents. (3) Your plans and purposes. (4) Your pleasures and possessions. (5) Your cares and anxieties.

IV. Why you ought to Submit. "Submit therefore" (Matthew 25:7)-

1. Because God resists the proud-sets Himself against those who rebel against Him. It is vain to hope to succeed in the face of a resisting God.

2. Because God giveth grace to the humble. Those who submit will receive grace sufficient to pardon, to reconcile, to keep, to satisfy, and to bring into the presence of His glory (Psalms 138:6).